About Mumbai Ultra

The Mumbai Ultra – 12-Hour Run was started with the idea of encouraging more people to embrace a healthier lifestyle by including running in their daily lives. The event is organized by runners (and friends) of the Shivaji Park Marathon Club.

We believe that running, practiced as little as three to four times a week, brings rich rewards like better health, more energy, less incidence of illness and a winner’s attitude to life. Our running friends, in India and across the world, will testify the life-changing power of running. Ask any of them why they run, and the response will be one of the following:

  • It is free! Yes, we can run anywhere – in the gym, on a concrete road, a dirt trail in the hills, the beach, or a park. Also, you don’t really need fancy gear to run.
  • Running is natural to us. Our bodies were built to walk and run. And hey, you’re never too old to begin. At Mumbai Ultra, you’ll come across runners from all age groups – 19 year olds to the health-conscious 70-somethings. Many runners we know, began running only in their 50s and 60s.
  • Running for as little as 20-30 minutes a day, a few times a week will boost your health, energy and your good looks. Just look at us!
  • Combine running with other forms of exercise like swimming, cycling, weight lifting, yoga and more. Your enjoyment will sky-rocket as you embrace a variety of activities, meet like-minded people and spend time outdoors.
  • The challenge of the long run provides a tremendous boost to your confidence and belief in yourself – and that is all you really need to get where you want to, in life. Running makes you a winner!

So come, experience the joy of running and the wonderful camaraderie of Mumbai’s vibrant running community, without the demands of racing. What’s more, you’ll be running alongside some of the country’s best ultra-runners, who, for that day, will set aside their personal goals to run with you, purely for the joy of running.

With the intent to promote running as a tool that supports our physical and mental well-being, the event is non-commercial in nature. As far as possible, costs are met through voluntary donations from organizers, supporters and sponsors.

Race Director: Daniel Vaz

This year we are fortunate to have Daniel Vaz as our race director. Daniel is a veteran of 40 full marathons and 2 ultra-marathons and has successfully participated in prestigious international marathons at places as diverse as Berlin, Lausanne, Istanbul and Lochness. He is a highly respected name in our running community and a role model for both, aspiring as well as regular runners. Daniel is a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Core Training Specialist and is qualified to administer Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and trained in the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). He is a treasure trove of knowledge which he enthusiastically shares with friends and runners.

The Nike Run Club put Daniel at the helm by making him the Head coach. He has held this position since 2008! If all this weren’t enough, Daniel has been the Race Director for the Dandi Salt Challenge (India’s longest end-to-end race 401k). He also graces the Exercise Science Academy as a lecturer and has conducted several workshops on Exercise Science at the Indian Navy Physical Training Institute. Daniel is also one of the coaches at “Ask The Coach” for Procam’s Tata Mumbai Marathon and TCS 10k.

Any person would be content achieving even half of what Daniel has. Daniel’s work-life balancing skills are awe inspiring and need to be emulated by everyone. He has had a very successful corporate career and has never ever let his work come in the way of his running.

It is our utmost honor Daniel Vaz as a race director of Mumbai Ultra 12hr run on 15th August 2019 a man of great caliber with an immense enthusiasm for health

Our Medical Director: Dr. Gayatri Thakoor:

Dr. Gayatri Thakoor

She says " I am a Doctor by profession and nutritionist by passion".

She always love to talk about food ,food and nothing but food. She believes in eating right food at the right place at the right time.

During her family practice she realized her role in lifestyle transformation. She does not believe in change. If you need to achieve your goal; you need transformation.

Having experience of 20yrs of family practice she is now into performance nutrition. Giving diets to marathoners, team games and body builders is her mastery. Being sports nutritionist consultant at HEAL institute for 2 years has given her upper hand as she has seen lot of Varied clients.
Doctor and sports nutritionist is like a win win situation.she has been Nutritional guide to Guinness world record holder Michele Kakade - India quadrilateral runner who did 6000 km in 173 days. Took immense pleasure working with Asian Heart Institute for Runners Meet 2015 SCMM and Runners Meet Satara Hill Marathon2015. Given diets for Chennai Club Football league 2015 through the Heal Institute.
Mother of two beautiful daughters who also are into sports ;elder one being National Horse Rider.