About Mumbai Ultra

The Mumbai Ultra – 12-Hour Run was started with the idea of encouraging more people to embrace a healthier lifestyle by including running in their daily lives. The event is organized by runners (and friends) of the Shivaji Park Marathon Club.

We believe that running, practiced as little as three to four times a week, brings rich rewards like better health, more energy, less incidence of illness and a winner’s attitude to life. Our running friends, in India and across the world, will testify the life-changing power of running. Ask any of them why they run, and the response will be one of the following:

  • It is free! Yes, we can run anywhere – in the gym, on a concrete road, a dirt trail in the hills, the beach, or a park. Also, you don’t really need fancy gear to run.
  • Running is natural to us. Our bodies were built to walk and run. And hey, you’re never too old to begin. At Mumbai Ultra, you’ll come across runners from all age groups – 19 year olds to the health-conscious 70-somethings. Many runners we know, began running only in their 50s and 60s.
  • Running for as little as 20-30 minutes a day, a few times a week will boost your health, energy and your good looks. Just look at us!
  • Combine running with other forms of exercise like swimming, cycling, weight lifting, yoga and more. Your enjoyment will sky-rocket as you embrace a variety of activities, meet like-minded people and spend time outdoors.
  • The challenge of the long run provides a tremendous boost to your confidence and belief in yourself – and that is all you really need to get where you want to, in life. Running makes you a winner!

So come, experience the joy of running and the wonderful camaraderie of Mumbai’s vibrant running community, without the demands of racing. What’s more, you’ll be running alongside some of the country’s best ultra-runners, who, for that day, will set aside their personal goals to run with you, purely for the joy of running.

With the intent to promote running as a tool that supports our physical and mental well-being, the event is non-commercial in nature. As far as possible, costs are met through voluntary donations from organizers, supporters and sponsors.

The Shivaji Park Marathon Club (SPMC)

In Mumbai, Shivaji Park is one of the hubs for outdoor sports, with vast open grounds for enthusiasts to enjoy a range of activities, from cricket, to football, and even mallakambh. Walkers and joggers are spotted at all times around the park, doing the rounds at 4 in the morning until close to midnight. Shivaji Park also lies along the route of the Mumbai Marathon making it popular among runners. One can enjoy indoor and other sports, too, with facilities like the Mahatma Gandhi Swimming Pool.

The Shivaji Park Marathon Club was started in 2011 and has grown to include over 300 runners, many of whom are now inspiring others to run and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

The Mumbai Ultra was conceived by Shivaji Park marathon club since 2014.


Mumbai Ultra: Promoting 3 Years Of Wholesome Fitness


  • Dr. Rajesh Shah & Dr. Bindu Shah:-

Keeping with the Hippocrates oath, doctor couple have extended their oath to making the larger society healthy and always are ready for a social cause.  


  • “Bhaago…” Guriji Mr. Naveen Hegde: -

He is youthful 54 year old inspiring everyone to be fit, live healthy & embrace joyful living.  Admired for doing Gulanti on double bar, his perennial wish is to talk everyone he connects with into running and living healthy.


  • Pratima Shah / Sunil  Shah/ Karan Shah: -

Brimming with enthusiasm, though not once having run a marathon, promote healthy living and in particular take up running if possible .A soul with true intent of giving it all back to the society,  you can find them at any spot with lively music jiving away to the notes.


  • Pranav Mehta:-

Trekker, Ultra Marathoner, Pacer for various marathons including SCMM, never shy’s off from helping amateurs to support and encourage thss


  • Viraj Sawant (Idealake team):-

Passionate about running, he has taken upon him to promote running with everyone including his office staff providing them with all the required support, breathing life into the saying “A fit body is the temple of a fit mind”.


  • Mahesh Nagvekar & BNP Group:-

A avid garment export businessman knows his priorities well. Working against time in his busy schedule, he has managed to train, qualify and participate in the exclusive Comrades run. His infectious enthusiasm has everyone in office to give up sedentary life & start running to live a healthy life.


  • Mulraj:-

CA by profession has known that numbers stack up only with a healthy society. He has gone over and beyond to support such healthy causes.


  • Dr Gayatri Thakur:-

None better than a dietician who knows the importance of healthy eating and living. She is a runner herself and has promptly supported any events that promote wholesome health.


  • Abhishek Bangera:-

Physiotherapist by profession, he and his team have become indispensable in the organizing of Mumbai Ultra. So deep his commitment to this event, we are persuading him to take time of his duties and honor us by running the Mumbai Ultra.


  • Dr. Maneesha Patwardhan:-

Marathoner, Trekker & Medical Director of Mumbai Ultra 2017. She has been the driving force behind the ultra marathon and ensuring each runner stays healthy and run strong for 12 hours flat.


  • Ranjit Keluskar:-

He can take you back to the wonderous days ofyour childhood with his demeanor and high octane enthusiasm. He has been evidently the person to seek relief in the serious endeavor of this event.


  • Piere D’souza:-

A man of refined taste and living, this successful businessman pulls out all the stops to support the event. Such is his committement to both clean environment and health, he has used his high end SUV to takeaway garbage in previous Mumbai Ultra events  ,


  • Vrushali Nimbalkar & Ajay Ayyagari:-

A couple with an infectious enthusiasm and smile, this lawyer and consultant couple are perfect match of form and substance. Both eager and prompt, they make their presence felt every moment with high spirits and infectious laughter, truly bringing out the spirit of their professions in this day and time.


  • Mitul & poorvi Zaveri:-

They are most sought after in the event with their complete hold on chocolates and candies. As sweet as it gets after all that workout for the competitors.


  • Jp anty:-

Age can be no bar for any cause and this lady just proves it everytime. She is support you can always seek in times of need and never be disappointed.


  • Romiel Samuel / kavita Samuel:- 

Half marathoners, this couple trade places regularly supporting each others enthusiasm to run and better still see others run. A team you would want to have in any event.


  • Uday Dole:-

An industrialist,he works industriously to make sure none go hungry during the course of the event. His modesty is a lesson to behold where he doesnot think twice to roll his sleeves up and get into the mix.


  • Prasad Naik:-

A man who is responsible for framing the memories , once he get behind the lens,there is no stopping. We credit him to recalling all the best times had both by participants and the organizers.


  • Nagesh Mungekar:-

A knight in shining armour, he has committed to making the event success every edition but we fondly remember for his fiery passion that made the second edition the success it was.


  • Sriram prabhudesai:-

Rotarian, Marathoner & social worker.


  • Trivediji:-

Mumbai Ultra true supporter/fan .Never ran or jogged  . Always encourages us to organize the event .  Very supportive . Like to salute for his support for the event.


  • Dhananjay Kulkarni:–

without his involvement this event wouldn’t have been possible. Though we had team of runners for organizing but only his involvement in the event made it happen.


  • Sunil / Sangeeta Shetty:-

An inspiration to anyone who needs that dose of reality of what we can achieve. Both are ultra marathoners and are looked upto by every runner in Mumbai . Always a team, they do everything to promote a cause making it indispensable in future.


  • Sharmila Munj / hina parekh / Sonia kulkarni:–

Adorning the pink,these Pinkathon ladies ensure that the runner let loose their inhibitions and get as lively as it can get.


  • Dr Prashant Hatkar (his friends):-

A dentist, who gives a stern look to patients on his chair,turns benevolent foodie for one day but ensuring those shiny whites stay that way.


  • Harshad Chitale:-

A publisher with an unique perspective of how to have events organized, he has been the cornerstone of logistics planning for the event.


  • Nidhi Mandelia / Foram Khambati:-

Fitness freaks this couple can get as crazy as it gets. Always dependable, they are all rounders who go beyond what is required to ensure the event is memorable.


  • Yogesh Chawan, Shashank/ Shilpa Katkar, Animesh Jadhav, Nimesh Chhedha / Hiral chhedha, Paresh Shah / Sejal shah, Lalit Jotwani / kiran Jotwani:-

These are ever present good samartians who have raised to the occasion taking up responsibilities which has contributed undoubtedly to make all editions of the event a memorable one. 


  • Raviraj Mahajan:-

A quiet guy whose calmness can deceive for he is an explosion of energy when he is running and absolute cracker to work along during the event.


  • Devika Shetty, Sameer Tamhane, Shahina Lalani, Nihal Shah:-

Great motivator for all marathoners. Always eager to help society. 


  • Col Gulshan Chaddha:-

Principal for mountaineering institute in Darjeeling (HMI) & started a mountaineering institute from scratch in Arunachal Pradesh Dirang  (NIMAS) . Comes all the way from Dirang to serve the event as a Race Director. He enjoyed the event thoroughly & came next year as volunteer.


  • Sujata Suvarnapatki:-

Stats professor of Ruia college & respects sports activity & people playing any sports.


  • Uttam Rathod:-

Always good at whatever he does. He can do anything impossible when he want it done. Good marathoner and model marathoner for others to get inspire.


  • Dr Sharad Sharma / Dr Darshana Sharma:–

Serving doctor, trekker, adventurer always ready to serve the society.


    • Hari Nair & group :-

Born Athlete  , even after having angioplasty he was on the road for 12hrs with his group Truly Dilse group. Always motivating to start running . even supporting the event by training pre Mumbai Ultra .


    • Kaushik panchal / Rohit Gosalia & team :-

Made people ultra runners by training them free . Great iniatiative.


    • Sudarshan Singh& group :-

Always there to support the event with his team


  • soham Shukla ( his Ahmedabad runner Friends) :-

Human being are born with two legs but he is the guy who inspired them to be on the road for 12hrs . great person to have him as a friend .


  • Beverly Mathews :-

A mutli-tasker who combines Yoga/Gourmet Food /Running/ Books into one is ever present in the event supporting the team. Want memoirs written about your experience,get in line for there is one of her kind. 


  • Sandesh Shukla :-

A man who uphold the law in the wilderness of Mumbai Ultra, he works tirelessly to ensure everything is to the dot to have a trouble free event.


    • Virendra Shetty:-

Always shy . afraid of lime light , always supportive & works whole heartedly for making the event successful.


    • Sarika Kulkarni :-

Social worker , loves to work and support any event / cause which is for the society at large


  • Deepa Bhuleshcar / leenesh Bhuleshcar:-

This couple are a must on any event organizer list as they soak up all the problems that crop up and sort them out in a jiffy for none to realize. Mumbai Ultra is impossible without these troubleshooters. 


    • sanjay Kharat:-

Social work is like working for God.


    • samir Shaikh:-

Organizer of many marathon , Triathlons & ALWAYS A FAN OF MUMBAI ULTRA.


    • Chetan Gusani:-

 phographer & social worker . always on toes to help.


    • Ajit Singh:-

This year I want him to participate for 12hr run , he is the best guy always smiling & ready to do anything for Mumbai Ultra .


    • Pankti Gosar:-

Marathoner and supporter of Mumbai Ultra


    • Sandip Oak:-

Marathoner , respects marathoner & always wanted to support  Marathon event


    • Indy Jadhav:-

Passionate marathon Photographer . Anywhere she sees people running she is always ready to click with smile.


    • Siddhivinayak hospital ( Dr Pritam & his team ) physio rehab team (Anjana) , Reliance Hospital ( heath mathew s team) , Mumbai police / BMC /  Mumbai  Mayor  /108 Amol Pandit Ambulance team / raheja hospital team / Shushrusha Hospital team / the Hinduja hospital team/ kem Hospital Team / Sion Hospital = always got selfless support from all the government organization  , semi-government & private hospitals.


    • Dinesh poojari:-

Supported the event with food for the entire day . not aware about Marathon running but was on toes full day and night for serving the food so that no one remains hungry.


    • Byron Supported the event by serving food  on the first event.


    • Mayur Shinde:-

Always for the group weather birthday celebration or event or anything always ready with food to serve . he loves to see people eating. 


    • Ashwin Agarwal:-

Silent supporter of the event .  avoids coming in limelight but ready to do anything for the sake of Mumbai ultra.


    • Arvind Agarwal:-

Started running and completed half marathons. Loves to participate in marathon event,a good motivator. 


    • Buntyjee & his team :-

Dilse khilao his motto.


    • Samson Sequiera:-

First trainer for open category marathoner runner.


    • Shivanand Shetty:-

Elite  marathoner  . was very helpful during the event , I cannot forget his services for the Mumbai ultra event.


    • All the participants who ran for 12hrs proved  anyone can run and they motivated others to run who don’t  .


    • Ramesh Jain:-

Eveready for social work , believes healthy life leads to happy life so very supportive for the event.


    • Dr Vijay:-

Specialized in Hand surgery from UK. Very enthusiastic to volunteer for the Mumbai ultra event.


    • Avinash Deshmukh:-

One year participation another year volunteering


    • Rajendra Tembe:-

Always eager to part with any marathon event.


    • Samir Sangoi:-

Marathoner very supportive and available for Mumbai Ultra event


    • Mahiesh Padvekar:-

Marathoner & active designer of Mumbai ultra.


    • Vivek mehra / Mohan Poojari:-

Runner & respects sports event.


    • Joy:-

Very enthu for organizing event and on toes  on event day  even though he was not well.


    • Gulab Patil & her team:-

Shivaji Park Police Station very supportive .


    • Vikas Kawle:-

Senior Trekker and runs marathon & supports the event.


    • Amit (unived)& team Ultra Marathoner &  Supports Mumbai ultra by providing health drink


    • Deven Pokle:- ultra marathoner & has high respect who runs ultra marathon . Always ready to support the Mumbai Ultra event



    • Mani:-

Firstly he experienced the event by running for 12hrs & always wants to support the event Hubert -  running here & there for the participant for more than 20hrs and still smiling for any need of participant .


    • Nandita Pai:-

Always ready to support sports activity.


    • Nagraj Adiga:-

Event management owner & ready to support Mumbai Ultra whole heartedly.


    • Nikung Solanki:-

Very supportive for the event we missed him for last event due to his transfer.


    • Amit Maru ( Breezal):-

Supports the event with water.


    • Priti Rodrics:-

Creative person likes  to support the event.


    • Satish Patel:-

Ultra marathoner and volunteer of Mumbai ultra event .always ready to support the event.


  • Yogesh Yadav & better half

Ultra marathoner volunteer photographer anything for Mumbai ultra.


  • Shibani Gharat:-

Page 3 celebrity of Marathon community , ultra marathoner & media personality.


  • Hemal Asher:-

Fan of Mumbai Ultraevent


  • Ashutosh DNA:-

First person to give recognition to Mumbai Ultra in press.


  • Jayant Gosavi:-

Good at heart supportive , enjoys serving the society.


  • Akshay Bharadwaj / Sonam:-

Trekker & fan of Ultra Marathon . Just comes to serve the participants open heartedly.


  • Rotract:-

Students of Law College were on toes continuously for the event very supportive.


  • Rotary club of shivaji park:-

Supporter of Mumbai Ultra


  • Sharad Uttekar:-

Social worker , well- wisher & supporter of Mumbai Ultra


Race Director: Savio D'Souza:

Savio D'Souza

It is unlikely if you are passionate about long distance running, that you haven’t heard of Savio D’Souza. An ex-Indian marathon winner in his heydays and with several international marathons under his belt, Savio is now heavily invested in training and mentoring other avid runners in the art of athletics.

Originally hailing from Goa, Savio moved to Mumbai for further studies where he trained at the University Ground and got admission at Maharashtra College near Byculla in the city, on the strength of his performance in sports. By 1976, he was representing Bombay University in the 5000m and 10,000m and gradually progressing towards full marathon distances.

Since then, his many feats include winning the Pune International Marathon in 1984 and 1986 as well as participating in Singapore International Marathon and Hong Kong International Marathon. 

Despite being over 60 years of age, his love for running hasn't dissipated demonstrating the agility and stride of an 18-year old athlete at both the Mumbai and Delhi Marathons every year. Just last year, he ran the Berlin Full Marathon in 3.40 minutes.

This zeal for running is what has fueled his second passion of getting non-runners to start running and making them committed runners.  

Savio D’Souza has now dedicated himself to get others to run better by training groups of people at Marine Drive, Priyadarshini Park, and Mahalaxmi Racecourse in a program calledRun with the Trainer. His running group, called Savio Stars, is a team of over 300 runners that run both full and half marathons boasting of a large number of podium winners.  

He currently lives in Mumbai with his lovely wife Rose and son Gasper, a statistics and analytics professional. His daughter Naomi is a Masters in psychology and is currently pursuing an MPhil in clinical psychology from Manipal University. 

Our Medical Director: Dr. Gayatri Thakoor:

Dr. Gayatri Thakoor

She says " I am a Doctor by profession and nutritionist by passion".

She always love to talk about food ,food and nothing but food. She believes in eating right food at the right place at the right time.

During her family practice she realized her role in lifestyle transformation. She does not believe in change. If you need to achieve your goal; you need transformation.

Having experience of 20yrs of family practice she is now into performance nutrition. Giving diets to marathoners, team games and body builders is her mastery. Being sports nutritionist consultant at HEAL institute for 2 years has given her upper hand as she has seen lot of Varied clients.
Doctor and sports nutritionist is like a win win situation.she has been Nutritional guide to Guinness world record holder Michele Kakade - India quadrilateral runner who did 6000 km in 173 days. Took immense pleasure working with Asian Heart Institute for Runners Meet 2015 SCMM and Runners Meet Satara Hill Marathon2015. Given diets for Chennai Club Football league 2015 through the Heal Institute.
Mother of two beautiful daughters who also are into sports ;elder one being National Horse Rider.