Mumbai Ultra – 12-Hour Run: DISCLAIMER

IMPORTANT: All applicants must compulsorily read and accept for your registration to be considered by the organizers.

I declare and confirm the following:

  • I am fully aware of and have understood the risk and responsibility of participating in the ‘Mumbai Ultra – 12-Hour Run’. I will be participating entirely at my risk and responsibility.
  • I understand the event is physically demanding and I must be of an appropriate health and fitness level to participate in such an event. I certify to my fitness and have submitted the necessary details in the registration form to be validated by the organizers.
  • I understand the risk of participating on a course laid on public roads with vehicular traffic.
  • The medical details submitted by me are currently valid and based on medical reports dated on or after August 16, 2015.
  • All information I have submitted in the registration form is true.
  • I understand the organizers have the right to reject my application
  • I understand the organizers have the right to cease my participation before or during the Event on medical grounds.
  • If I am taken ill, injured or sustain any other condition requiring medical attention, I hereby irrevocably authorize the event officials, organizers and their staff/volunteers to administer the necessary first aid/emergency care/transport me to a medical facility for further treatment as per their discretion at my risk and cost. I take all responsibility for the treatment administered to me. I will pay or reimburse to the organizers or their representatives my medical and emergency expenses.
  • I shall provide to race officials such medical data relating to me as they may request.
  • In case I opt for transportation provided by the organizers, I bear all responsibility for my safety and security during the transportation. I waive all rights and claims arising against the Event organizers and their representatives in connection with transport to and from the Event venue.
  • I, along with my legal representatives, waive all claims of whatsoever nature against any and all Event organizers, officials, sponsors, contractors, firms working on or near the venue, volunteers and other entities or persons associated with the event, their employees and representatives arising from my participating in the Event on account of illness, injury, death or any other.